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A Magical List of Fat Loss Foods

These 16 Food Items Can Burn Your Fat Away

“I eat to live” or “I live to eat” – what is true between these two statements. Most people will agree with the first statement and some with the later one. But all of us love to eat with delicacy. And often consuming delicious foods may leads us to gain extra fat. Because most delicious foods comes with oil, fat and sugar.
But there are many foods you can found, that can burn your fat away. Yes it’s against some of the old myths said by a lots of people that there are no food can burn your fat. Thanks to the new scientific studies and researches conducted by different scientists and organizations. We will present you a very long list of foods which are known to reduce your fat.

Best Fat Burning Desserts and Food Items


Lets talk with the Coffee. Because most of us loves to start the day with it. And it can help us to reduce our fat. Because it has caffeine which improves our moods and enhance physical and mental health. Caffeine can increase our metabolic rate. If you consume it before exercise, you can burn twice amount of fat than normal.

Green Tea

Probably it is the most popular beverage people prefers to burn their fat. Green tea can keeps your heart healthy and protects against many diseases like cancer. It has anti-oxidants which is known for burning belly fat.

Lemon Water

Many people considered warm lemon water to reduce fat. Although it does not have significant scientific claims. But if you closely look at it, you can found that lemon water contains very less calories as much as 5-6 calories. Starting your day drinking this can help you take less calorie foods for the day. It improved hydration of our body, feel stomach full and also boost metabolism some sorts.


Most dieters add Berries in their menu as it can help them to loose fat. Because it contains less calories than most other fruits. Harvard Medical school has done some medical studies which proved that eating fruits like berries daily, can help you gain less weight. In Fruit studies it was found that berries contains maximum amount of anti-oxidants that help us to loose more fat.


After berries, apple is the fruit which contains more anti-oxidants than other fruits. The polyphenols present in apples boost our metabolism. Most significantly it has zero side effects. It can be very helpful if you consume it before taking your meal. You can remember the famous quote from the legend Benjamin Franklin -”An apple a day keeps the doctors away.”


Grapefruit contains certain type of enzymes that can help you to to loose weight if you have it before meal. Many dieters add this fruit in their menu. Most significantly it contains many types of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C and A which are very good for your health.


Many studies suggested that adding Apple Cider Vinegar in your diet is very helpful to reduce your fat. It can reduce triglycerides in your blood which is very helpful to lower your body and belly fat. There is only 22 calories present in 100 gm Apple cider vinegar. So you can use it in your drink. Some studies has suggested that it can reduce your blood pressure and insulin level. It’s main ingredient is acetic acid which can accelerate natural fat burning system of our body.


This extremely nutritious food contains protein and multiple type of vitamins and minerals. Adding this in your menu can revive your body’s natural ability to burn fat. If you can add more protein in your food, then your total calories consumption can be decreased. Its has more carbohydrates and less sugar. If you consume it after exercise, then it helps your body to recover the energy deficit instantly. But use it in limited amount to get the best result.


People who are trying to loose their weight should add nuts in their meal plan. Nuts contains a very significant amount of Omega 3 fatty acids which provide essential nutrition for our health. The most popular nut is Almond which is considered as the fat burning tablet. It’s a good source of Protein, vitamins and anti-oxidant. The amino acid in it can help you burn more calories during workout. Other popular nuts are Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, Peanuts, pistachios etc.

Dark Chocolate

People think that chocolate can bring extra fat in our body. But Louisiana State University has found in it’s study that dark chocolate can increase the production of fatty acids that can strengthen fat burning schedule of our body. It can improve our overall health condition, heart and blood sugar level. It helps us to reduce food cravings which in turn help us to loose weight.

Coconut Oil

In some studies it has been that adding coconut oil in your food can help you burn abdominal fat. This oil also contains Fat, but healthy fat. It contains medium chain fatty acids which is quite different from the long chain fatty acids that most of the foods contains. It has very beneficial effects on our metabolism. Adding this oil in foods can increase total energy disbursement by 5%.

Olive Oil

If you can add olive oil in your food, the intensity of your hunger can be reduced. It contains mono-saturated fatty acid which is considered as healthy fat. Some studies has found that diets with olive oil can have good affect for your overall body weight. It contains anti-oxidants which is very helpful to reduce inflammation. And it adds more delicacy in your food.

Sweet Potatoes

It is one of the best slow fiber ingredient food available. It has various kinds of vitamins and minerals too. But most significantly Sweet Potato contains beta-carotene which is an anti-oxidant can keep your metabolism in good shape. The slow fiber in it takes more time to digest, which keeps you full and keeps you off from overeating.


If I say that it’s a prehistoric food, will you believe it? Using eggs as food has been traced back to 7500 B.C.E. South Asian People and Indians were using Chickens to get it. And today this food is most popular worldwide. Eggs are good source of Protein, Fat, Vitamins etc. This incredible nutritional food can raise your metabolism and good cholesterol level, keeps your heart healthy. In USA Eggs are treated like Meats. If you eat eggs in your breakfast, then you can feel yourself full and make to not to overeat.

Fishes with Healthy Fat

Delicious fishes like Mackerel, Salmon, Tuna, Herring, Sardine are a very good source of healthy fat source called Omega 3 Fatty Acid. This healthy fat is very good for heart, blood pressure, brain and nervous system. These fishes are very good source of protein also. Consuming these fishes can increase your metabolism which can increase the natural fat burning system of our body.

Chili Pepper

It is a very well known ingredient to create burning sensation in our mouth. Chili Pepper compound capsaicin can boost our body’s ability to burn fat by converting foods into energy. I am not saying this, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found this truth in their study.

These are the 16 food items you can use to make yourself lean and get rid of your extra weight.

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